Bucks Masters, up and running and a changing of the guard

Posted on: February 28th, 2022

This season was never going to be easy as we emerge from the Covid issues and along with some other Counties we have had our challenges. As many of you will know the ICC Tournament in early January was cancelled due to the pandemic and uncertainty about Government restrictions and this was the correct but difficult decision taken at this time.

We have struggled at times to get our squads up to full strength and in a recent O55’s match there were more O60’s than 55’s. Even this very weekend [6th February 2022] our opposition at Worcester struggled to get a squad out, but we must come through this and be stronger. Unfortunately due to a lack of ladies I have had to withdraw the O65’s team this season and trust we can do something next season.

It all sounds downbeat but each team has now tasted success at wins over the last couple of months meaning mid table positions rather than propping up the leagues.

And now for the good news —-

I have been doing this job for the last 8 or 9 years, can’t remember how many and my biggest concern has been a succession plan. I have been organising sport since the age of 16 and it is something many people are not cut out to do. As I am now in the mid 70’s [soon to get my OBE – over bleeding eighty -] it is time to secure the future for your Badminton.

I am very pleased to announce that Vibeke Hathaway has approached me to become more involved with the view to take over as County Co-ordinator. This is great news on many fronts as she is very keen, a whipper snapper and from the Milton Keynes area of our county, which will make a big difference to us.

I am not going to ‘cut and run’ and this change of responsibilities will be a smooth and gentle one, with Vee gradually becoming more involved and as a start she will concentrate on developing the county teams – and getting me the O65’s ladies active – I hope.

So this is tremendous news as it secures the future for you and I trust you will join me in wishing Vee all the best [and commiserations for having to deal with me].

Mike Clarke

Editors Comment: As anyone who has had dealings with Mike will know, he has been simply brilliant. Volunteering in any element of Badminton is a bit of a thankless task and to have co-ordinated and pulled teams together for so long and having been so effective is amazing, hats off to you sir and a heartfelt thanks from everyone you have helped and cajoled over the years. Vee, big shoes to fill but you’ll be fantastic!