They’ve only gone and done it!

Posted on: April 25th, 2022

What a team! Huge congratulations to the Badminton Bucks Senior County team for bringing home the 2021-22 Premiership title. International stars, consistently strong team performances, and a fantastic depth of talent in the squad all contributed to a comfortable final Premiership table.

Out of 9 matches, we won 8, 2 more than our nearest rivals. Surrey, Middlesex and Hampshire all won 6.

A great squad result. 17 people have represented us this year and everyone deserves a mention. Congratulations to: Arthur Cheung, Avinash Gupta, Charlie Castle, Estelle Van Leeuwen, Ethan Van Leeuwen, Fee Teng Liew, Harry Lines, Joel Douse, Lara Molloy, Lisa Curtin, Molly Chapman, Munn-Tzin Bong, Oliver Butler, Samantha Westwood, Steven Stallwood, Tashvi Parab, Tsui-Yee Lau.

A big squad needs brilliant support and our team managers Arthur Cheung and Samantha Westwood have been fantastic again.

These results come from somewhere and its not just the incredible hard work and dedication of the players. They are helped on their journey by a wonderful network of family, coaches, volunteers, teachers, peers, inspirations and life experiences. Bucks is full of opportunity for anyone that wants to succeed especially with Performance Centres, Academies and Clubs across the county that are run by exceptional people. I know the spotlight rightly shines on the players but, for all those that have been involved in their individual journeys, take a moment, reflect, and share in the warmth of the reflected glow!